About Us

Patons Taxis has a long-standing reputation within the taxi and private hire industry and is a part of the Patons group which has a wide range of services for the taxi and private hire trade, including insurance, accident management, vehicle repair, taximeters, camera and tracker services. We have a wealth of experience of working with the taxi and private hire trade beyond just trying to sell you a new or used vehicle. At our core we understand the challenges and difficulties of running a taxi business and will always seek to provide in the right vehicle for you and your business.

At Patons Taxis we’re always looking for affordable solutions for taxi drivers, private hire drivers and fleet owners. We’re working constantly with industry leading manufactures to look for the best new vehicles that would accommodate the demands of being a taxi and we’re constantly working with suppliers to get the greatest deals on used vehicles to pass these savings onto you.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer delivery across mainland UK, usually within seven days from purchase. But our work isn’t done even after you’ve received your vehicle. We’re here for all your taxi needs, from needing help with your new vehicle or wanting to access another service that the Paton’s group offers, we’re always happy to help.