Incident Cam

The Matrix Incident Cam is the solution for capturing on the road event footage, from everyday collisions through to the “crash for cash” scams. Early notification of any accident provides fleet managers with the opportunity to instantly check on the wellbeing of drivers and seek immediate recourse.

  • High Definition quality video at 720p and up to 20fps
  • Wide angle 120° field of view
  • H.264 format
  • Camera on/off controlled by ignition state
  • Telematics camera devices in constant communication via Serial interface
  • Telematics devices supported: Calamp LMU 2720 via Serial port
  • Camera weight 50g (excluding mount)
  • Camera dimensions 92 x 52 x 18mm (excluding mount)
  • Cable harness needs to be wired to vehicle power, ignition and ground
  • Camera tested to work up to 70°c