Whether you’re looking to cover a Hackney Cab, MPV, Minibus or Private Hire vehicle, we’ll find a policy to suit.

We have access to a specialist panel of Taxi Insurers ensuring you get the benefits you expect at the best possible price.

Many of our rates are exclusive with extra discounts available in various Areas.

Our expertise lies in finding the right insurance for you at an affordable price without compromising the quality of your cover. Flexible payment facilities give you option to spread the cost over convenient monthly instalments.

We have also embraced the latest CCTV & TELEMATICS technology to help safeguard you and your premiums


Large or small, we can cover Fleets* of Taxis, Trucks, Vans, Cars in any combination and for ALL business types.

Whether you are an established business, been unfortunate enough to have had numerous claims or looking to insure a fleet for the first time, we can assist.

The team at Patons has a wealth of experience placing Fleet Insurance. Utilising the latest CCTV & TELEMATICS technology we can provide bespoke Vehicle and Driver Analysis reports to assist you with the running of your Fleet.

* Minimum 3 vehicles