For individuals who drive for a living and fleet owners, being on the road and clocking up miles is a fact of life. Unfortunately, with this comes increased costs and higher chances of accidents – often that aren’t your fault.

As specialist insurance brokers, Patons works with the UK’s leading CCTV and Telematics experts to bring you solutions that help minimise risks and save you money.

What is Telematics


Know where your cabs are
Real time location of every vehicle on your fleet. Our live based monitoring system will display all vehicles on a map whereby each vehicle location may be zoomed in to at street level.

telematics-where-haveKnow where your cabs have been
At any time you can view the “Snail trail” of where a vehicle has been in the past 90 days.


Know how your cabs are being driven
Are drivers looking after your cabs? Or are they treating them like their own and racing them into early retirement?

Driver score reports can be downloaded instantly.

How it Works

Telematics works by fitting small tracking devices to vehicles, which use motion sensor and GPS technology to capture driver behaviour. This information is then collated to produce easy-to-understand reports, highlighting good/bad or indifferent driver styles.


The Business Benefits

These technologies encourage safer driving, optimise efficiency, protect professional drivers and can help lower insurance premiums. Put simply, safer driving means you could pay less. So, to get yourself on track to miles smarter driving, call Patons Insurance today.

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