Introducing the new Suzuki Swace

suzuki swace motion

Some cars seem destined to be used for taxi work and the new Suzuki Swace is one of them.

The nippy-yet-economical stylish petrol hybrid estate has plenty of room for passengers and their shopping or luggage.

There has been a lot of interest in this revamped model – which is similar in dimensions to the Toyota Corolla it was created in collaboration with – and Patons has Swace models ready for delivery this month.

Originally launched in 2018, the new Swace has undergone a real transformation and is ready to take on all rivals in the family estate class – including its Corolla cousin.

The new 1.8-litre petrol hybrid engine delivers a combined 62 mpg but is exempt from clean air zone and ULEZ charges.

And the automatic gearbox makes driving in busy towns and city centres much easier and enjoyable for drivers.

The Swace Motion specification includes 16″ alloy wheels which help give it a sleek look.
The interior is spacious and comfortable and includes cloth-style trim with heated seats.
Entertainment is controlled via an 8″ multimedia touchscreen which includes Apple/Android Car Play, DAB radio and touchscreen media centre.
Safety features include emergency brake assist, blind-spot monitor, and lane assistance.
For convenience, there is a rear parking camera, rain-sensing wipers and automatic lights.

To keep everyone comfortable, there is automatic air conditioning, which keeps passengers cool in the summer and warm in the winter months we are about to enter.
Rear privacy glass not only helps give the car a sleek look, it also means passengers can go about their business without being in full view.

The Swace carries on what its Toyota stablemate has done for a number of years which has seen the Corolla become a popular choice with taxi drivers.
What Car? also points out the positive similarities in its four-star review, adding: “If you park the Swace next to its Toyota cousin, you’ll need to be a geneticist to tell the difference. The Swace has a very slightly altered front-end design (plus a different steering wheel inside). The stark similarities elsewhere demonstrate that the two cars really were separated at birth.”

In summary, What Car decides: “While the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports might come with a larger infotainment screen and some versions have more power, the Swace is virtually identical in every other way but costs usefully less. As such, the Swace remains a comfortable, fuel efficient, well-equipped choice in the estate car class.”

Patons Taxis sales manager Jamie Ludwig agreed, adding: “This is a great car which is perfectly suited to taxi work. It’s practical, comfortable, looks great and is economical in running costs, as well as exempt from CAZ and ULEZ charges.

“And one of the best things about it is that it’s available now – there are no long waiting lists. Drivers can be behind the wheel in a couple of weeks and are not waiting months for cars to be built and then transported.”

Prices start from £21,412 + VAT and there is a variety of colours to choose from.

Finance packages are available to help drivers choose the car they want and manage their budgets.

Visit or call 0300 303 2095 to find out more.

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