EV Charging for Taxis

As taxi operators tackle the huge task of switching their fleet to electric vehicles, Vehicle sourcing specialist, Patons Taxi Sales has created a special partnership to help make the transition go more smoothly.

Patons has teamed up with a leading EV charging equipment provider and installer to fit 20 kWh, 40 kWh or 60 kWh EV charging equipment into Taxi Bases.

  • In most cases, without any upfront cost to the base owner.
  • The cost of the equipment is covered over several years through the cost of the electricity supplied, which is still competitive compared to public-use fast and super-fast charging stations.
  • The base owner chooses who has access to the equipment and can open it to the public, other businesses or keep it as a private charging station, to be used exclusively by their own fleet.

The move comes as Patons, which was established by taxi drivers, looks to help customers prepare for the switch to electric fleets, something that can appear expensive and daunting.

Interested in learning more about whether our EV package could be right for your taxi business, complete the form and we’ll call you to discuss the options.